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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Super Delegate Uncertaintly Is Unacceptable!

I have avoided this one for a while, but this morning I bit down hard and swallowed. No, it was not my morning bowl of oatmeal. It was not even the lukewarm coffee I drank in haste as I ran out the door. It was something far worse…

CNN’s American Morning featured an interview of Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie and, his wife, Betty conducted by John Roberts. Now, this was not a story about the influence of politics on 40-plus year marriage, it was not even a focus on the political status of Texas as the state prepares for the March 4, 2008 Democratic Primary. No. This interview focused on the fact that both Boyd and Betty were Super Delegates. That’s right BOTH of them.

Boyd, full of the same southern charm that convinced many that it would good idea to elect a cowboy into office in 2000, assured John Roberts that his wife is a “independent thinker” and that she wouldn’t be influenced by his decision. Normally, I would give a nod of approval. That’s fantastic of ol’ Boyd, recognizing that his wife could make decisions for herself. However, Betty Richie was NOT making a decision for herself… she was making a decision for thousands!

Last week on MSNBC, Dan Abrams delivered a devastating statistic on his program. Abrams relayed the total number of Democrats who voted in the subsequent primaries, next he provided the number of Super Delegates allocated across America. Now, here’s the devastating part, his conclusion was that 1 Super Delegate represented roughly 9,439 Democrats. Excuse me for saying so… but that’s disgusting. Did we not just visit this back in 2000? The disenfranchisement of voters in Florida during the general election only eight years ago and now we are seeing it again!

Boyd, charmer that he is, told John Roberts that he would go whichever way the wind blew him. That is to say, that he would vote for the Presidential Candidate who sported the most delegates before Super Delegates cast their votes. Here’s hoping that Boyd’s democratic approach to his Super Delegate vote rubs off on his wife. Betty’s answer of “I don’t know who I am going to vote for yet,” doesn’t fly right now. Democrats deserve more than this. The nearly ten-thousand Americans represented by Betty Richie are receiving the message, “Why Bother?”

2007-08, up until this point, can be characterized as a year that voters were inspired to come out and vote. Democrats have a black man and a woman running for the party’s Presidential nomination. Change much? Unfortunately, this aforementioned newfound inspiration for change is now showing signs of a vast many undermined by the privileged few.

Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson must be smiling…


Alex said...

yup..I would have to agree mcfadden.. Also, it is unacceptable and ridiculous, I think, that they have the ability and opportunity to undermine the political will of the people and the whole democratic process. This makes people wonder what's the point of going out and voting. Leave it up to the people..the people are the real super delegates.

Fadds said...

You got it Alex. I just thought I'd share a comment that someone left for me on my Digg.com Wall. This person thought that Betty was "doing the right thing waiting until the people of her state make their voices heard before making a decision."

However, that's just the point I'm making: Why wait? Say it right then and there. If that was truly her intention, she wouldn've said the exact thing that Boyd said during the interview, that she was going to follow the voice of the people. But... she didn't. Complete shelfishness on her part.

Rasheeda said...

Well said bfadds! Very true, c'mon it's clear that if Betty had any intentions of "following the voices of the voters" she would have made that clear, just like her hubby did. Geez, I think superdelegates should have to sign some kind of contract saying they'll listen to the voters. In this capitalist and commercial society that we live in, business transactions include contracts EVERYDAY! Now that's truly the American way! :-) LOL

mike's spot said...

I agree McFaddowickz.

If there is a more obvious way of usurping the vote of the people, I'd venture I don't know the name of it.

My guess would be it would involve crying children, nancy polosi laughing, and a plethora of other disturbing images that make most Americans wanna slap their head against a wall when they see what their 'representatives' come up with.

Fadds said...

Haha, maybe a few gun yeilding cowboys driving people to the polls too... right, Mike? Haha.

mike's spot said...

Hey it'd wouldn't be the first time.

The Jim Crow laws, aimed at keeping blacks from voting, were some of the first anti-gun legislation in our country.