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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manny Ramirez... taking attention away from a certain young hurler

Thank God for Manny Ramirez.  Not only does he have the best hair in baseball, but now he's also hogging the Hollywood spotlight and I LOVE IT!  Not because I enjoy living vicariously through the most abominable baseball players, but because it takes some attention off other Dodger players who may be on the cusp of fantasy (and baseball) dominance/stardom/relevance (take your pick).

Look back a few months to how much attention Clayton Kershaw received in May.  Dodger fans and fantasy aficionados treated this kid like the second coming of the Messiah while others (like myself) found more reliable options while Kershaw took his hits before being demoted to Triple-A.

Now, about two month later, I am ready to jump on board the Clayton Kershaw express.  He's pitched two efficient, impressive games in a row and hasn't allowed an earned run in 13.1 consecutive innings.  His walks have been cut down over this span and his innings have increased.

Basically, my official recommendation with this kid is to grab him and watch what happens.  If you have the room, take a flier and cross your fingers that he does exactly what Chad Billingsley did at the end of 2007 (straight up dominate).

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